It's playoff time

Predict. Compete. Win.

Who are we

We at are a NBA fanatics who just love the game and want to be a part of it. We run a completely free NBA fantasy site which is active through the regular season in which you build your dream team and gather points according to the players real stats. After a fun few years we are glad to bring a new challenge - The Playoffs!

How it works

Not like other NBA fantasy sites, which are closed during the playoffs, we at created a new challenge for NBA lovers at the most interesting time of the year. Here you don't build a team, nor pick your players. All you have to do is to predict the playoff picture all the way to the finals and foresee the NBA champions. Points will be given according to the real playoffs results. See our scoring system and show us how you see the end of this NBA season.

Rules & Scoring

When the regular season ends, and before the playoffs start, we will give the option to join and compete. When making a prediction, you will need to predict series results and who moves on to the next level. For every correct team win you will get 1 point and if you predicted a series score exactly (i.e 4-2) you will get another 5 points. For a correct first round series winner you will get 2 points, for semi finals winner 4 points, for conference finals winner 6 points and for a correct NBA champion 8 points. The user with the most points wins.